General Conditions

§ 1 – general conditions

  • operates an internet platfrom with data, accessible via the internet, in which shoe machinery and other leather related machinery may be advertised for sale
  • provide only the technical requirements,to advertise items. has no influence to the content of the advertisements. is not itself the party offering the items for sale and dont earn on the selling of the items or machines.
  • is not involved in the relationship between the seller and the buyer.

§2 reason of

  • enable for our customers which are in the special field of shoe making machine and all other leather related industries to advertise their goods and make it visible in all parts oft he world via the Internet for the period of time agreed. Base is name which remains known very well for all parties.
  • All participants can put as many ads as they wish into the website The use of the services provided is based on the price list shown in the website.
  • It is possibile to integrate the data of each customer into foreign websites against a fee.
  • reserves the right to temporarily restrict the possibilities of placing and retrieving ads if this is required due to capacity limits, to server security or integrity or performance of the services (maintenance work).

§3 Registering and Concluding the Contract

  • By registering and transferring the participant's data the contract had been concluded. A user account is non-transferable.
  • The registration is free.
  • Only legal entities and natural persons over 18 years capable of unrestrictedly entering into legal transactions may register.
  • The person registering is obliged to provide information that is truth and correct.
  • The participant is obligated to verify the information provided at the time of registration and after every change by confirming an automatic generated e-mail.
  • The customer must keep their password secret and keep their access details safe.
  • will not give a participant's password to any third party and will never ask the customer for the password by email or telephone.
  • reserves the right to delete user accounts which have been inactive for a period of 12 months.

§4 Deletion of Offers, Blocking, Termination membership

  • may stop or cancell advertisments if there is sufficient indication that a user has violated statutory or if they violate the rights of third parties or of default in payment.

§5 Accounts and Payment

  • We send an invoice by email. The total sum shown in the invoice shall be due for payment immediately after receipt of the invoice. More informations you find in the price lists in the website.
  • The settlement of the fees that a customer has to pay is generally done via paypal payment.

§6 Requirements of the advertisement

  • When placing the ad in the machinery market, the participant must disclose the machinery condition, especially if the machinery is significantly damaged and these damages have not been repaired.
  • It is not permitted to advertise more than one machine in one advertisment, in this case we will cancell the advertisement.
  • The advertiser must be able, during the period the advertisement runs, to immediately conclude with a potential buyer a legally valid purchase contract for the advertised machinery and to hand over and transfer ownership of the machinery at the time agreed.
  • The advertisment in the machine market must be illustrated with original photos. The customer undertakes to only upload photos to database that they are permitted to use without restrictions and that are not encumbered by any third party rights and in particular third party copyrights. The photos used may not be processed and must reflect the actual and true condition of the advertised machinery. In the machinery fair the customer can use catalogue images.
  • It is not allowed to show links to external websites,or e-mail addresses.
  • Free of charge are modifications to an advertisement and can be performed when the customer are logged in.
  • An advertisement may be deleted by the customer at any time. Should an advertisement be deleted in this case, no reimbursement of an advertisement price already paid will be made.

§7 Responsibility for the Contents

  • The customer alone is responsible for the contents of the advertisements.
  • The customer is obliged to provide correct and truthful prices and he should not change the price in case of somebody interest.

§8 Copyright and Usage Rights

Any and all data, information, company logos, texts, programs and images of advertisements and other contents in can be subject to copyright laws. 


§9 German Law and Jurisdiction

For is valid the laws of the Federal Rebublic of Germany.

The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of April 11th, 1998 shall be excluded. Should the customer be a a merchant within the meaning of the Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB, German Commercial Code), Bayreuth Germany shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any and all disputes arising from or due to the use of the website of

§10 Severability clause

Should one or more provisions of this contract be or become invalid or ineffective, this shall not impair the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The parties undertake to replace an ineffective provision of this kind with an effective provision which corresponds to what the parties would have agreed upon, in terms of the contractual purpose, if they had been aware of the ineffectiveness of this provision when the contract was being concluded.

Bayreuth, August 2016